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Alphaberry British Shorthairs


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Are you likely to be leaving your kitten alone for more than two or three hours a day? In this case it could be sensible and kinder to buy two for company. You should get them together or within a few weeks of each other. (You should never go out and leave a cat or kitten shut out of the house).

A kitten, whether pedigree or not, is your responsibility from the moment you acquire it, needing your care and protection for the rest of its life. It is not merely something to feed, give attention when you feel like it and put outside when it suits your purpose.

You may wish to see more than one litter before you make your choice. Never go from one breeder to another without a wash and a change of clothing as you could be the cause of cross infection.

 I am always looking for good homes for my cats and particularly SHOW HOMES where new owners will show their new pedigree cat at local shows.


If you are interested in showing "Special Terms" can be arranged with me. Ask there's nothing to loose. 


I will supply a years free membership to the local G.C.C.F. Registered Cat Club in your area included in the "going home" kitten package you will receive.


We recommend you never to buy a kitten from a pet shop.